Three tips toward creating computer passwords

When’s the last time you have to change your password on your work computer? Have you ever had to change it or does your employers wait a few months before forcing you to make the change?

Chances are your personal passwords don’t fluctuate too often but your work ones are often changed every few weeks/months. It’s important to know how to craft and create a password in a decent amount of time. Here’s a few things to keep in mind before you change your password next time.

Sticking with words you know

Try to think of words or phrases that are familiar to you but not obvious enough that a hacker could easily guess. Once you have a base of words to work with, try to play around with them a bit and maybe make a rotation – if you have to change passwords often – so you can have options when it comes time to change them.

Don’t over challenge yourself

You should make your password tough to guess and easy to remember. Of course, that’s always a lot tougher than it sounds. You don’t want to make it a word or phrase that you use so little that you’re sitting at your desk trying to access email and stumped when it comes time to enter it in.

Also, for work passwords, a simple word of advice: never change your password on a Friday or before your go on vacation. Do it on the first day of the work week and at the beginning of the day to give yourself time to practice entering it.

Keep the symbols simple

Try to stick to one or two characters for your passwords and keep them in a consistent place. Some people will incorporate a symbol into the words of their password, while others will put it at the beginning or end of it.

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