Study says most seniors not isolated or lonely

A new report from finds that most American seniors never feel lonely or isolated.

These findings debunk a cliché about seniors, and shows that America’s senior population is an engaged, vital and active group.

According to, nearly 6-in-10 senior citizens (59 percent) say they never feel lonely or isolated, while 17 percent say they rarely feel this way.

Another cliché says that seniors who live in densely populated areas are less likely to suffer from feelings of isolation. Yet, found that seniors living in rural areas are only half as likely to feel lonely and isolated as their urban-living counterparts.

Having Money Helps

The company also found that income has a bearing on whether seniors are more or less likely to feel lonely. In fact, people making an annual income of $30,000 or less report higher instances of loneliness than more affluent seniors do.

This isn’t to say that money buys happiness for seniors. It’s probably more true to say that financial pressures limit the options for seniors to get around and visit friends and family.

While this study is encouraging, it should be noted that a large minority of seniors do express having frequent feelings of loneliness and isolation. Don’t assume that seniors are pitiable, lonely people but do make the effort to reach out to the seniors in your life who may be feeling a bit isolated.

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