Merced Branch lends a helping hand

Once you’ve been to the Travis Credit Union branch in Merced, you won’t forget where to go for help achieving your financial goals. The staff at Merced go above and beyond the cause to make their members feel welcomed, even if they don’t boast about it.

“They feel like family because of the way the staff treats them,” Branch Manager Loretta Vasquez says.

And sometimes, if the family needs a helping hand, the Merced branch staff is there to provide it, whether it’s walking around a track for 24 hours straight during a Relay for Life fundraiser, supporting the food bank for Thanksgiving or donating toys for less fortunate kids during Christmas.

And perhaps one of the biggest examples of people helping people, reaching out to those who don’t realize that they need it.

Take the example of an older member, “Mr. W.” He’s approaching 90 and isn’t as mobile as he once was. He was forced to move from one living facility to another but was practically unable to do any of the moving himself.

Mr. W grew such a close bond with the TCU staff in Merced that he came in daily, even when he didn’t have any transactions to do. Eszy Garibay, a Member Service Representative who’s grown close to him, remembers that he used to come in all the time because he said “seeing our faces made his day.”

In speaking to Mr. W, Eszy learned he and his wife were living in a place that cost them more than 50 percent of their monthly income. Concerned, Eszy contacted another member who worked with an organization that sets up senior citizens in affordable housing.

Mr. W got in touch with the organization, and Eszy helped fill out the application. They got approved for the affordable housing, slashing their rent in half. Eszy even organized a group of family and co-workers to help move him to his new home.

For people like Mr. W, what matters most is lending a helping hand. “We create a bond with our members,” says Vasquez.

Ready to stop in and check out our Merced branch? Here’s the address: 1194 W. Olive Ave.

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