From finding a home to financing it, we’ve got you covered.
Find a house and finance with Travis

We’ve made it easier for you when preparing to buy a new home! Travis Credit Union’s HomeAdvantage program powered by CU Realty provides you with a one-stop shopping experience that ranges from finding your home to getting pre-approved for a loan.

Once you enroll in our program, you’ll gain instant online access to services such as full Multiple Listing Service access, recent data on comparable sales, demographics of your desired area, schools data, crime statistics and more! What’s more, you’ll be able to select from TCU’s network of trusted Real Estate Agents and earn up to a 20% rebate on that agent’s commission after that loan closes no matter if they’re helping you buy or sell a home.

Earn a 20% rebate

You’ll earn a cash rebate of up to 20% of your agents commission when you select a real estate agent within our HomeAdvantage network to buy or sell your home. Our agents all have biographies on our HomeAdvantage Web site. The cash rebate is yours to spend as you wish. The accompanying chart shows your potential rebate, which is based on the total home price and not the amount borrowed.

Find a home

Use our free service to find the right home in the right neighborhood. You can search by price, city, neighborhood, street or zip code. You select the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and home style and the program automatically searches by your preferences. If you’re targeting an area, you can simply circle it on a map and you’ll see what’s for sale.

If you haven’t found your dream home or are not yet ready to buy, you can save your favorite searches for later. You can also set up email alerts when a home that matches your criteria is listed for sale!

Experts available any day

HomeAdvantage experts are available seven days a week. They can answer your questions about home buying as well as help you find what you’re looking for on our Home Advantage page.

Find a Real Estate Agent

Choose from our network of reputable Real Estate Agents who specialize in your area of interest and are committed toward delivering quality service. We have selected only agents who are fully licensed and have been full-time real-estate professionals for at least three years. You can browse for a Real Estate Agent or we can recommend one for you. All it takes is a phone call or a quick visit to our website.

Enroll today!

As a member, you can enroll for free in our HomeAdvantage program. Just click on the HomeAdvantage link in our Real Estate Loans section. Enrollment is fast and easy with a simple online form. If you have any questions about this program, you can call HomeAdvantage directly at (800) 203-9014.

Enroll today in HomeAdvantage and earn a rebate of up to 20% off the real estate agents commission whether your selling or buying a home!


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HomeAdvantage Rebate

$100,000 $600
$200,000 $1,200
$300,000 $1,800
$300,000 $1,800
$400,000 $2,400
$500,000 $3,000
$600,000 $3,600
$700,000 $4,200
$800,000 $4,800

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