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June 2016

Our Local Impact Sets Us Apart


On our Testimonial page at you’ll notice recent notes from members about how Travis Credit Union has helped them.

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Results of our 65th Annual Meeting


Our 65th Annual Meeting was held on Thursday, April 28, 2016, in the Community Room at our corporate headquarters in Vacaville.

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The number of uninsured working adults drop


The U.S. Census Bureau surveyed insured adults across U.S. counties.

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Congratulations to our 2016 Scholarship Winners


Twenty one high school students headed to college this fall are doing so with $1,500 scholarships from Travis Credit Union.

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At Travis, We Mean Business ...


Today’s business owners are not only concerned with how to run their business in the current economic environment but how and when to position their business for sale in the coming years.

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Skip Your Car Payments


Refi your Auto Loan to Travis and get 100 bucks + No Payments for 90 Days!

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In The Community - June 2016


Travis Credit Union employees actively support the people and communities we serve. Here are some of the events our employees participated in over the past few months.

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Travis has tools for Homebuyers


When you select Travis Credit Union you will work with a local team of Real Estate experts who will take care of you every step of the way.

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This year’s graduates will average $32,000 in debt


In addition, students surveyed also said they don’t have a job lined up.

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Where to find your credit report and credit score online


Websites, credit reporting agencies give consumers many options.

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From finding a home to financing it, we’ve got you covered.


We’ve made it easier for you when preparing to buy a new home!

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Need a Home Refi? We have it covered!


If it is time to consider refinancing your home loan, Travis Credit Union can help.

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Energy-efficient Homes Save Money - Go Green Today


Are you looking for ways to save money on your utility bills?

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Six Ways To Protect Your PC


Owning a personal computer today comes with challenges such as learning new programs and operating systems.

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Home sales up in the Northeast, Midwest


Sales not as hot in U.S. South and West.

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Credit unions push back against big-bank attacks


Bankers association picks on smaller CUs in Northeast.

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Don’t rely on Social Security alone for retirement income


Create a retirement plan that includes other savings strategies to help you keep the same lifestyle.

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Student loan repayment arrives quickly


Borrowers start paying the loans six months after they graduate.

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Jumbo loans bridge the gap between buyers, high-value properties


Super-sized home loans can make a dream home purchase a reality.

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New car sales dip in May


Compared to 2015, new car sales down more than five percent.

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Mortgage rates rise for two weeks straight in May


Despite increase, 30-year-fixed rates are still below four percent.

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Building retirement assets now matters later


Don’t approach your Golden Years wondering when you’ll be able to stop working.

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Spam dates back to World War II and during the early digital age


Whether you’ve eaten it or received it digitally, Spam isn’t going away.

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