Personal financial safety basics

The convenience of a money clip and plastic money in your jeans’ pockets can come at the expense of your financial safety. Here are three ways you can protect the financial instruments you carry with you.

Keep your online and smartphone passwords complex

With the evolution of mobile wallet and mobile apps, cyber criminals and the common thief could get access to your financial information using the data on your smartphone. Make sure your device’s passcode is a mix of numbers and not “0000” or “1234”. Use a four-digit code that only you would know.

If you have access to your financial institution’s mobile app, make sure you don’t automatically remember your username. Disable the automatic logins on any financial institution apps.

Keep your wallet and any cash in your front pockets

Your senses are better tuned to items in your front pockets more than your back pockets. The classic pickpocket thief keeps an eye out for a bulging wallet or money clip out in someone’s back pocket.

Build up a savings account

Financial safety also includes being able to pay for something if the worst occurs. Make sure you have money saved for a rainy day. This ensures you’re prepared no matter the situation or problem that arises.