How to find the best deal for auto insurance

It’s easy to settle for auto insurance with the best rate or the insurance companies which your parents “grandfathered” you into. Those seem like no-brainer decisions but they may not mean they’re the BEST ones available to save you money.

Here are three things you can do to ensure you’re getting the the right company and policy to cover your vehicle.

Find customer reviews

Is the insurance company you’re considering good to deal with when it comes to filing a claim? What about when it comes to investigating an accident? Are they known to examine the circumstances and determine who was really at fault or are they known for throwing their customers under the bus? Customer reviews will tell. Remember, it doesn’t hurt to pay a few more dollars for a company that you know will have your back.

Compare rates with local, national providers

Will you be driving out-of-state often or are you staying within a few hundred miles driving distance from home? Check if the local provider can cut you a deal that a national provider can’t offer. If you’re constantly traveling, it might be best to have the identity of a national brand so any tow truck driver in America will believe you’re covered by a company that isn’t named “ABC Auto Insurance.”

Do you really need full coverage?

If you just purchased a new vehicle, more often than not, you have to purchase full coverage. If your vehicle is toward the end of its life and may not be worth more than a few thousand dollars, then you might want to take out just liability coverage. The price difference in coverage can range from tens to hundreds of dollars per month.

Check with your local insurance providers to get a quote on your vehicle. And don’t settle for the first call, no matter how good the deal may sound.