Real Estate News - Summer 2017

Tanya Robinson, AVP Real Estate

Tanya Robinson,
AVP Real Estate Lending

Why are so many members turning to Travis for their home loan needs?

The list is long but here is the short answer – we provide our members with an unparalleled loan experience that’s made possible with over 30 years of local mortgage experience.

How do you define a great loan experience? Our members tell us it’s the way we listen, the way we care, the way we help them save money and the way we jump through hoops to secure a loan that’s a perfect fit for their lifestyle and financial goals.

Here are a few of our finest member mortgage moments over the last few months.

Roger Vincent turned to Travis for a better refinance

Mr. Vincent turned to Travis for a better refinance

“It was a real pleasure working with someone who knew what they were doing and advocating hard for the client. You were just doing your job, but you did it in an exemplary manner – far above the effort necessary. It is always terrific, but rare, that I deal with someone who embodies what real service is and for that, my wife and I thank you.”


The Lankford’s turned to Travis for a better purchase loan

The Lankford family turned to Travis for a better purchase loan

We have so much to be thankful for, and the TCU home loan team is very high on the list! Melissa, Ashley and Ana, you are wonderful! We can’t say thank you enough! You truly never stop working Ana!

After Scott lost his job in 2008 and went back to school for a complete career change, we just did not consider ourselves as “homebuyer” material. Not that it wasn’t a dream and a goal, but we knew so many things had changed since that crazy time.

We received an email invitation to the Home Buyer Seminar and thought, “What is there to lose? We can learn about today’s market and products from people we already trust and at least we’ll know how to plan!”

That was March 2017 and we signed on a darling house in a great neighborhood on May, 18, 2017!!!


The Heli’s turned to Travis for a better purchase loan

The Heli family turned to Travis for a better purchase loan

After turning to Travis for a purchase loan, the Heli’s experienced the power of a local lender teaming up with a local realtor to create an exceptional member experience. Our loan consultant shared this picture of our members with their Realtor moving into their new home and said:

“We have happy people moving to a new home ready to make new memories!”


Get started today and find out how we can help you get into your next home with our No Points, No Fees Home Loan. We even offer up to 100% Mortgage Financing for borrowers with very good credit.

Take advantage of today’s low interest rates and rising property values to refinance with Travis. You can apply online at or call us toll free at (888) 698-0000 to get started.

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