Protect yourself from text scams

Texting has become a convenient way to stay in contact with the people and companies you love and trust. That’s why the rise in text phishing scams is so unnerving. Criminals gain access to your cell number by purchasing phone lists. They send messages that look perfectly innocent, even useful, from an obscure Internet phone service. They can pretend to be just about anyone. The only way you’ll know it’s a fraudulent message is to carefully scrutinize the content.

Responsible companies will never ask you to reply to a message or click on a link to provide personal information. Oftentimes, scammers try to throw off your better judgment with fear tactics. They may tell you your account has been compromised or you can’t access funds unless you provide personal information. If this occurs, do not respond to the message. Instead, contact the company they claim to be using the phone number you have saved in your contacts or contact information listed on their website.

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How You Can Protect Yourself