New Travis Credit Union Online Financial Education Hub!

Imagine if your car breaks down, your significant other suffers a medical emergency or your parents are unable to continue work. Do you have enough money to survive a financial catastrophe? The statistics say many of us do not.

Only 47 percent of Americans have $400 saved for an emergency. An astounding 42 percent of Americans work paycheck to paycheck. Additionally, millennials have a scary negative savings rate because of high student loan debt and rising rent. And about 10 million American households do not have a bank account.

Travis Credit Union is here to improve these statistics. While everyone’s financial situation is different, we can help by offering you the financial tools to become better money managers.

Introducing our Hub

We’re proud to announce the launch of TCU’s Online Financial Education Hub on our website, Here, members can peruse and take 24 interactive financial seminars on topics ranging from retirement, investments, auto loans, mortgages, identity theft and more!

Each topic is a separate seminar, so you can take them in any order you want. Plus, they are designed so you don’t need any prior knowledge on the topic. Each module takes a 3-7 minutes to complete and your progress is recorded. The modules have introductions, videos, visuals, audio, interactive components as well as variable options to include your own data. The modules then create a custom report based on your financial background.

Visit the Travis Credit Union Online Financial Education Hub and start improving your financial skills today!

Financial Education Hub