Family fun while on a budget

In this fast-paced world it may seem that you must spend more and more money to have fun. Evidence of this can be seen in rising restaurant bills, skyrocketing movie prices, high gas prices and expensive theme park admissions.

Still, it is possible to enjoy quality family time – and fun – while on a budget. Here are a few ideas to consider:

Game night

Do what generations of families have done before the Internet, computers and mobile phones – have a game night once a week. It could be a board game, cards, charades, etc. If you have a large family you can rotate games so everyone has a chance to choose their favorite. Other at-home ideas include make-your-own-sundae buffet and baking. Kids love to get involved in the kitchen, especially when sugar is involved!

Take advantage of deals

Many restaurants offer “Kids Eat Free” deals and other family friendly discounts to attract customers. You can search "Kids Meal Deals" for offers in your area. Additionally, some retailers offer discounted gift cards to restaurants that can save you even more money. For example, Costco recently offered $100 worth of Red Robin gift cards for $75 – that’s a $25 savings.

Attend free events

A free event is the best thing to hear when you are on a budget. Every community usually has their own list of free public events such as parades and craft fairs. These are great ways to show your children what your community has to offer and to instill community spirit and pride in their neighborhood.

Get outside

Turning off the personal electronics and getting outside is great way to spend quality time together, especially on nice days. Local, state and national parks offer opportunities to explore the outdoors and get some exercise. Check your nearest national park to see if and when free admission is offered. Take your little ones hiking, star gazing or to the lake or beach. A picnic in the park or even in the backyard are easy ways to change your scenery.

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