Can car companies make the world a better place?

Consumers are more likely to buy a vehicle if the company selling it is promoting a social good campaign, a new report from Kelley Blue Book finds.

While styling, performance and fuel economy are still the big drivers of sales, car companies can still benefit by promoting the things they are doing to make the world a better place. Ford, Chevrolet and Subaru have benefited the most from this effect, since they are the top three brands cited by consumers for participation in social good campaigns.

Aside from millennials, a majority of respondents are often unware of any automotive social good campaigns. This doesn’t mean that car companies aren’t doing enough, just that they’re not doing a good enough job of promoting their involvement in good causes.

Most of the vehicle advertising we see is about the hard sell mixed with national “image” campaigns that sell styling, features and “brand attitude.” The company’s involvement with social causes gets little, if any, mention.

Maybe this will change, given this new KBB data. Car companies will wake up, and we’ll all be treated to “feel good” ads featuring auto brands building housing for the homeless, feeding the hungry or otherwise making the world a better place.

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