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July 2016

Cool cars that won't break the bank


Kelley Blue Book has produced a list of cool cars under $18,000.

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Travis Quick-Pay offers a backup payment option


Use it when you need to quickly make a credit card or loan payment.

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Can car companies make the world a better place?


Consumers are more likely to buy a car if maker promotes social causes.

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Here is a path to small business ownership


Starting your own firm and becoming successful requires planning, strategy.

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The benefits of job rotation


Companies are developing stronger employees by practicing role rotation.

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Millennials show signs of leadership traits


Staffing firm believes today’s young adults can be tomorrow’s bosses.

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Your "real money" income isn't getting better


Income adjusted for inflation remained stagnant in April and May.

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Travis CAPTION THIS Giveaway!


Are you ready to CAPTION THIS one more time?

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Online services begin to overtake traditional banking


Survey says more consumers will gravitate toward the web next year.

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Use of HELOCs are plenty


Tap into your home’s equity for home improvement and more.

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Examine these things during a test drive


The car you want may look good but don’t put image over safety.

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Marketing firms are growing at steady rate


Most execs expect department to grow in near future.

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Steps towards buying your First Car


Buying your first car is not as daunting as you think.

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