Latest features in vehicles

The types of features found in new cars in 2015 are so much different than it was 30 years ago, when the first CD player was factory installed in a car. The high-tech influence found in today’s vehicles can make driving more enjoyable but these features are not without their distractions.

Here are some of the latest features to be included in new vehicles today:

Touchscreen displays

Most new vehicles now have a built-in touchscreen display to operate everything from navigation systems and back-up cameras to synced digital music, video feeds and satellite radio. There is no auto industry standard, so you can expect each automaker to have its own type of system with its own type of controls and interfaces. One of the biggest complaints from new car owners is the steep learning curve to understand how to operate their display.

Keyless fobs

Gone are the days when you actually received real keys to your new car. Instead, you’ll likely get large key fobs that interact electronically to unlock/lock your vehicle and to start the car. If you’re upgrading from an older model, it may take a little while to get used to pushing a button to start your car instead of inserting and turning a key.

Voice-controlled vehicles

Apple’s Siri is not the only piece of technology you can talk to. Some new cars today have voice control that can operate audio, communications and other systems.

Navigation systems

Sure, you have a portable GPS system and your smartphone has one, too. But that didn’t stop automakers from integrating onboard navigation systems into their new vehicles. This is usually a premium feature in new cars and some drivers opt to make do with the mapping technology they already have.

Built-in Internet

Some of the newest of today’s cars offer Internet as part of a package with an Internet Service Provider. Internet speeds will vary but if you’re someone who needs their computers, tablets and devices to remain connected to the web, this option may be a necessity.

Night vision and rear-mounted radar

Some luxury brand automakers offer more advanced features like night vision that can detect pedestrians walking on the road in the dark. Some also offer radar that scans the back of the vehicle for pedestrians as you back out of a parking stall or driveway. For both devices, an alarm sounds if someone or something is in your vehicle’s oncoming path.

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