How to start networking

The days of making connections through exchanging business cards aren’t over but it’s no longer the top option in terms of professional networking.

Social media has taken the idea of creating connections to the next level. Here are three ways you can connect with professionals in your industry without ever having to meet them.

Share your work on social media

If you’re someone who’s working their way to a creative degree (journalism, marketing, graphic design, etc.), share whatever work you do on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn (the latter being the most important). Placing your work on a public platform presents it to a network that can not only re-share your work but put it in front of people who wouldn’t have been exposed to it. Who knows? Maybe someone in a potential network will become a fan of your work and will return to see your next piece when it is published.

Follow and interact with people in the industry on Twitter

The next best way to meet people in your industry is by following their work. Do a search on Twitter for a career and or industry you’re looking to be in someday. Then find those people on social media and follow them. Keep an eye on the things they share and the things they post from their professional lives. It’s never too early to keep tabs on what’s going on in your industry, especially if you’re going to be in it.


Build a repertoire, connect with them on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional social media platform. Its No. 1 priority is to connect professionals with each other. Creating an account early in your career is important, even if you’re still in school. Your profile will allow you to build a network early. You’ll gain a head start in front of most of your industry competitors if you maintain and cultivate an online platform network.

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