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January 2016

Scholarships start path to cost-free education


Thousands of scholarships available for high school students in the U.S.

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What does it mean when the Fed boosts interest rates?


News, buzz kicks up when Federal Reserve makes an announcement.

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How to start saving for tomorrow


Create a savings plan to anticipate the unexpected.

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Credit union values expected to increase


As assets increase, overall numbers of credit unions expected to decrease.

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Update contact info to protect against fraud


Cover yourself to fight against identity thieves and to be informed about your money in a timely manner.

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Optimism for holiday bonuses fairly low


A little over 20 percent of people surveyed didn’t expect a holiday pay surprise.

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Create wiggle room in your budget


A financial review will help identify your cash flow.

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Tax help for millennials


Young adults looking for tax breaks from Uncle Sam can take steps to lower the amount of money they may owe come tax time.

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Online statements provide convenience, security


Going paperless with financial documents can be a safe and secure way to review account activity.

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Volunteer work leaves sense of satisfaction with employees


Participating in employer-related activities yields various benefits.

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Financial counseling options available for various needs


Regardless of your debt amount, a financial counselor or planner can help you better manage your money.

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How to start saving ahead for tomorrow


Create a savings plan to be prepared for rainy days.

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