Paperless statements save time, money

Scanning a printed billing statement can be a long and tedious task. If you’re looking for a particular transaction, you’ll be doing a line-by-line search of a printed document until you find it. If you switch to paperless statements, you can make the task of searching and scanning much easier. Here are some other benefits of switching to paperless statements.

No need to sort endless lines of transactions

Instead of eyeing for a transaction – as referenced above – you can perform searches for particular words in a digital document. You can perform a “crtl+f” search for a phrase you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a transaction in the amount of “137.99”, press the “ctrl” and “F” keys on your computer keyboard – or “Apple” and “F” if you’re on an Apple device, and enter it into the search bar. If the phrase is in the document, the search will take you to places in the document where “137.99” is mentioned.

Environmentally friendly

Statements are usually 2-3 pages worth of documents, depending on how many transactions you conduct. By saving paper, you’re reducing your footprint on the environment. According to, paper makes up 30 percent of all waste that Americans throw away each year. For every 19 pieces of mail received by someone, only one is personal mail.

Check out Travis Credit Union E-statements

To receive E-statements, you must first enroll in Online Banking. The one-time enrollment process takes just a few minutes. Once you are enrolled in Online Banking, just login to your account and click the “E-statements” link in the top menu for easy-to-follow instructions.

As with all of our online services, Travis Credit Union employs state-of-the-art encryption technology and other techniques to protect your personal financial information. A valid email address is required otherwise the system automatically unsubscribes you from E-statements.

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