Make Your Finances Bloom in 2017

It’s hard to believe that in a few short months, everything under the sun-kissed sky will be in full bloom again. As much as we’d like to think a great garden just happens, we know there’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes. This is the time of year every good gardener takes a close and careful look at his or her rose garden and does some much needed pruning. Anything that impedes full future growth needs to be cleared away. The same is true as it relates to our finances.

Uproot what’s unnecessary

What’s interfering with your financial future? You might be surprised. Sucker branches have a subtle way of draining your finances without you even being aware of it. It’s time to uproot and clear away whatever is unnecessary and build on solid financial strategies and programs that make sense for you, your family and your future. Let’s look at how to identify and prune them as soon as they appear.

Conquer complacency

This is the time of year that most people hit the gym to conquer those extra pounds created by the all too familiar holiday calorie creep. Something motivates us to tiptoe onto the neglected scale and give ourselves a strong dose of reality. It usually happens when we attempt to put on that favorite pair of jeans only to find that the dryer has suddenly and mysteriously shrunk them. Time to join everyone else at the gym experiencing a faulty dryer!

Unfortunately debt creep is something a bit more subtle. For some reason we avoid facing our finances – especially after the holiday season. Without even knowing it, we may settle into quiet complacency – we recognize things aren’t where we want them to be but lack the motivation to get things back on track.

Your friends at Travis Credit Union want to help you ring in the New Year with an optimistic attitude toward your finances. Over the years, we’ve helped countless members get on track to not only get out of debt but to also rebuild savings and retirement accounts. We can help you too as long as you believe that change is possible... and it is! Consider this…

“If nothing changes, nothing changes.”

No one likes change, but change is necessary if we want to get to a different endpoint. The good news is that you can dramatically improve your financial outlook with small short-term steps that yield incredible long-term results. And it all begins with pruning away any feelings of complacency.

Focus on your finances

We like the saying, “What you think upon grows.” We like it because we know it to be true. The more you pay attention to your accounts and where you spend your money, the more you have an opportunity to course correct.

Start the New Year off with a fresh perspective of where and how you spend your money. You can keep track of your expenditures yourself the old fashioned way - with a notebook and pencil, or, you can let us help you automate the process with our intuitive online money management tool, MYINSIGHT. Visit for more details about MYINSIGHT.

Knowing how you’re spending your money is critically important because it opens the door for you to make better future choices. Do you really want to spend that much on coffee and entertainment? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. Often times we get in a habit of spending and don’t even realize how much we’re spending on unintentional things. This is a great time of year to get proactive in driving where you want your finances to go and hold yourself accountable to those goals.

Look for small wins that add up

There’s a good chance that more than a few of our members are avid Oakland A’s fans. You may recall the movie Moneyball released in 2011. The film is an account of the team’s 2002 season and their general manager Billy Beane’s attempts to assemble a competitive team. The franchise couldn’t afford the big home run hitters, so Billy and his team focused on recruiting players that could get on base. The logic stands to reason – the more you get on base, the more runs you could score.

When it comes to finances, too often we focus on home runs rather than simply getting on base. We bank on big bonuses and other windfalls of money that rarely happen. As you begin this New Year, we urge you to focus your energy on getting on base with a variety of wealth-building strategies.

Is there an opportunity to refinance your automobiles with a lower interest rate? Could you get out of debt sooner by consolidating debt? Is it time to work on bolstering your retirement nest egg? Have you considered replacing your current credit card with a TCU Visa® Platinum Card which may offer you a lower interest rate?

We’re rooting for you

These are the questions Travis Credit Union employees are trained to ponder every time you step into one of our branches. We pride ourselves in creating member moments that get you on base and closer to your financial dreams.

These are everyday headline stories from our team:

“By working with the lending department, I was able to refinance two car loans, giving the member peace of mind as well as lowering her interest rate from 11.25% to 5.24%.”

“A man came into the branch looking for a simple savings and checking account. It turned out that the member had credit card balances with higher interest rates. He came in for a simple savings and checking account and walked out saving money.”

“A member came in and we were able to cut off a year and a half from his current term, from 6 years to 4-½ years, which will result in over $8,000 saved for our member.”

At Travis Credit Union, we get really excited about pruning because we know how all those cuts add up. Underneath that budget is a spectacular blossom that’s about to unfold. You might not be able to see it but we do. Your financial future is bright. And we’re happy that you made the choice to include us on your journey.

Thank you for your membership.

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