How to handle post-holiday returns

The holidays are over and you may be stuck with a stocking full of unwanted gifts. Fortunately there is a way to get what you really want. Here are some tips to help keep your returns and exchanges hassle-free.

Choose the right time

The holiday sales aren’t over yet. Keep in mind that many stores hold additional door-buster sales right after Christmas. Unless you’re willing to face crowded parking lots, long lines and slow customer service, you’re better off waiting till January to make any necessary returns or exchanges. But don’t worry, many major retailers adjust their return policies for gifts purchased during the holiday season. With a few exceptions, you’ll most likely have additional time to return your gifts.

Bring your ID

Even if your receipt is present, some retailers require a government-issued identification to supplement all returns. Due to an increase of fraudulent returns, many retailers are enforcing computerized return authorization systems to track return activity. To better prepare yourself for strict return policies, have both your receipt and ID ready.

Skip returns altogether

Save a trip back to the department stores and try repurposing your unwanted gift. This doesn’t mean regifting, although that’s always an option. Pinterest has thousands of DIY projects that can inspire a one of a kind gift transformation. If you’re lacking in creativity, consider donating your items to charity.

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