Financial counseling services are available

If you find yourself struggling with your credit reports, budgeting or debt management, it’s time to consult a financial expert. Seeking professional help is one of the first steps to improving your financial well-being. Here are some experts who can assist your financial situation.

Credit counselors

Credit counselors will help you determine the best options to meet your credit and debt needs. Counselors are trained to create a personalized plan that will help you gain control of your finances. Credit counseling can easily be found with a simple online search, but be cautious of hidden fees and scams. You want to be sure you’ve found a reputable credit counseling service. Seek out recommendations from friends, family and your current financial institution.


As a member of Travis Credit Union, you have access to free and confidential professional financial counseling and education through our partnership with the BALANCE Financial Fitness Program. Take advantage of this free and anonymous service today. Call (888) 456-2227 or visit the BALANCE website to learn more.

BALANCE Financial Fitness