File a FAFSA before March 2 deadline

If someone offered you an opportunity to receive free money for a college education, wouldn’t you take advantage of it? That’s exactly what the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is – an opportunity to receive funds for secondary education. Has your student filled one out yet? It’s important to get it done before the California deadline on March 2, 2017. Here are some tips on filling out a FAFSA.

Have your child fill one out no matter what

It may appear that your income could disqualify your children for any financial aid. That doesn’t mean you and your child shouldn’t fill out a FAFSA. You may qualify for aid, even if you “think” you can’t. It’s better to fill out an application than to not know if you can qualify. You never know what your child can receive unless you submit an application.

Help your child with the application

If your child is a high school senior, they’ll have little to no idea what a lot of the information on a FAFSA form is. Take some time to sit down with them and walk them through the application. If you’re having trouble filling it out yourself, visit the FAFSA website for help filling it out and check out this blog on tips for parents filing the FAFSA.

Have financial documents ready

When you submit a FAFSA, filers are asked to submit 2015 tax records, along with current savings and checking account balances. Of note, and especially for parents, the FAFSA requests records of untaxed income, including child support received, interest income and veterans non-education benefits. For particulars on what you or your child can expect before you file a FAFSA, check out this blog post on seven things to expect before filing a FAFSA.

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