Creating value for you is what motivates us

Travis Credit Union representatives love to share their stories about how they help members such as yourself save money. Recently, Cristian from our Dixon Branch recounted a conversation about how he helped lower the interest rate on a member’s auto loan to 2.19 percent from 17 percent. Cristian reviewed the member’s information when he asked about his current auto loan with another lender and was able to show how Travis could save him money.

“He was a happy member when he left,” he said. Just like Cristian, all Travis employees are here to create value for our members. It is what motivates us from the minute you walk into a branch, give us a call or even speak to us out in our neighborhoods and communities. We strive to make a positive difference in your financial life because that’s what credit unions do. We are people helping people.

We’re not driven by sales incentives

As we’ve seen in recent headlines, financial institutions that rely on and are driven by sales incentives can have unintended and sometimes disastrous consequences for the people they are serving. There is no doubt you’ve heard the national headlines pertaining to big banks being fined by federal regulators for staff activity associated with sales incentive programs.

Pat and I want to reassure you that long before this news became public, Travis Credit Union did not utilize sales incentives. We believe that as a financial cooperative, our focus should be on providing value to our member by providing the right product for the right member at the right time.

Indeed, this is one of the many unique advantages we have as a credit union. We don’t answer to shareholders. We answer to our members. We exist to create value for our members. It is important that you know we have your best interests in mind. Your financial success is our success. This is what we do.

Financial education and scholarships

Some of the ways we foster your success is through financial education and scholarships. In this issue of Smart Money Matters, I encourage you to review the many free seminars we have available during this first quarter of 2017 to help you become better money managers. For our younger members heading off to college this fall, please consider applying for one of our twenty $1,500 Mary Keith Duff memorial college scholarships. You’ll find details about this annual scholarship in this issue.

Of course, a new year also means tax season is here. Once again, Travis has partnered with others in the community to provide free tax preparation services for those less fortunate who need help with filing their taxes. On behalf of Pat and myself, we look forward to creating value for you. We wish you a very healthy and prosperous new year!

Barry Nelson

Barry Nelson
President & CEO

Patricia Moreno

Patricia Moreno
Board Chair