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Financial Education and Curriculum for Kids


Biz Kid$ is a national financial literacy initiative that teaches kids about money and business.

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Mad City Money


Young Adult Financial Boot Camp

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The Goodwill Box Gives Back


If you qualify, donations could be a write-off on your tax returns.

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Many scholarship applications now open for the new year


A college scholarship can help you finance your academic goals.

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Shop safe this holiday season


Protect yourself from cybercriminals on the prowl.

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Twice as Nice. Double the points in December with MyTravis Rewards!


Get your Rewards faster with double points in December!

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Is your high schooler financially literate?


Only 1 in 6 high school students are required to take a personal finance course.

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It's that time again!


ICU Day lands on October 19, celebrating transforming members’ financial dreams into reality.

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Get the back-to-school deals


There are still lots of deals for urgent back-to-school shopping.

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Refi Your Auto


Yes, you can refinance your auto loan so come down to Travis Credit Union.

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It's a perfect time to refinance with Travis


Hurry while rates are still low!

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Could that messy desk be costing you a promotion?


More than half of senior managers say the most distracting aspect of employee workspaces is sloppiness or disorganization.

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Labor Day activities for the whole family


Your holiday weekend entertainment doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

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New Travis Credit Union Online Financial Education Hub!


Introducing 24 interactive financial seminars to better manage your money.

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Keep your mobile devices secure


Your smartphone and tablets hold a lot of information – make sure they’re protected.

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New car sales are down but prices keep rising


Compared to 2016, new car prices are up almost two percent.

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The worst indoor remodels for your money


These five interior remodeling projects yield the least return on property value.

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This year's spring cleaning ritual


It’s that time of year to tidy up your home – and your health habits.

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Suisun Branch handles high-capacity small town traffic


Members Turn to Travis in this Solano County city quite often.

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Home prices reached peak levels in majority of metro areas in fourth quarter 2016


Fortunately, mortgage rates remain low through early 2017.

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How to score a summer internship


Get an edge on the competitive internship market.

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Napa Branch a hidden jewel in the Napa Valley


Wine Country can Turn to Travis in Napa.

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Why a credit union membership is the best


Join a financial institution industry with lower fees, better rates than the big banks.

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Mortgage rates fall in late February 2017


Percentages are fluctuating with current events.

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Bed and Breakfasts offer comfort in a setting that hotels can't match


Often mom-and-pop owned, overnight countryside stays allow you to connect with local hosts.

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Avoid the restaurant rush this Valentine's Day


Skip the reservations and prepare a romantic dinner for two.

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Trip ideas for the holiday weekend


Plan a mid-winter getaway for you and your family.

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Brainstorm for a perfect Valentine's Day gift


The idea may present itself rather candidly, or not, depending on your partner.

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Avoid these holiday season scams


For all the cheer, there’s always a Grinch lurking around the corner.

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The hottest gifts of the 2016 Holiday shopping season


Check out these items if you’re having trouble thinking of a gift.

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New auto models slowly roll out to market


Automakers introducing “self-driving” cars as well.

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Is college still a good investment?


Rising tuition costs make many wonder if college is worth it.

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Home values once again on the rise


In addition, national median monthly rent increases take a step back.

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Real earnings outpacing inflation in U.S.


Summer month statistics favorable for Americans.

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Participation rates for employee-sponsored health benefits vary


Just under half of private-sector employees choose to participate.

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Chaotic back-to-school shopping time returns


Preparing for the school year doesn’t have to be trying.

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Travis Quick-Pay offers a backup payment option


Use it when you need to quickly make a credit card or loan payment.

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The benefits of job rotation


Companies are developing stronger employees by practicing role rotation.

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Online services begin to overtake traditional banking


Survey says more consumers will gravitate toward the web next year.

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Marketing firms are growing at steady rate


Most execs expect department to grow in near future.

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Where to find your credit report and credit score online


Websites, credit reporting agencies give consumers many options.

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Home sales up in the Northeast, Midwest


Sales not as hot in U.S. South and West.

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Credit unions push back against big-bank attacks


Bankers association picks on smaller CUs in Northeast.

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Mortgage rates rise for two weeks straight in May


Despite increase, 30-year-fixed rates are still below four percent.

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Spam dates back to World War II and during the early digital age


Whether you’ve eaten it or received it digitally, Spam isn’t going away.

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More than 35 million Americans plan home renovations next year


Most plan to be in the market for an equity line of credit to fund projects.

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Travis CAPTION THIS Giveaway!


What’s T-Bird doing in this picture? Well, why don’t you tell us?

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Mortgage rates drop to a three-year low


30-year rates hover just below 3.75 percent while 15-year rates are near 3 percent.

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Remember when auto insurance was cheap?


First insurance premium ever cost pennies compared to today’s rates.

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Summer work helps put a foot forward


In addition to being paid, summertime work can build connections for the future.

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Summer volunteer work has its benefits


Offer your time to a non-profit organization; put it on a resume for future use.

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Survey says Americans still balancing savings and credit card debt


Millennials tend to have lower debt, higher savings than other generations.

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Home sales increase during winter


January 2016 sees six-month high.

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#SocialMedia says: members haven’t stopped loving credit unions


Assets, membership, positive buzz still on the rise for main alternative to banks.

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St. Patrick’s Day rooted in history, tradition


Irish pride exhibited across United States on March 17.

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CU Sactown set for April 3, 2016


Credit Unions team up to support Children’s Miracle Network hospitals.

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Jobs outlook slowly improves


Numbers in January not as good as December’s, but still trending up.

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Valentine’s Day gifts on a budget


February’s special day doesn’t need big pockets to be enjoyed.

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What does it mean when the Fed boosts interest rates?


News, buzz kicks up when Federal Reserve makes an announcement.

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Optimism for holiday bonuses fairly low


A little over 20 percent of people surveyed didn’t expect a holiday pay surprise.

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Volunteer work leaves sense of satisfaction with employees


Participating in employer-related activities yields various benefits.

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Windows 10 awaits for PC users


Computer-operating system offering free upgrades of its latest release.

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Help your teen avoid high school senioritis


Help your teen avoid senioritis in his or her senior year by keeping them busy and letting them know about the consequences.

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Smart gift-giving is key as holiday season approaches


Depending on the recipient, the gifts you give could be useful or not.

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Shuffle around shopping crowds this holiday season


Things can get testy at shopping malls and department stores in November, December.

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Shopping tips for the holiday season


Ensure your holiday shopping is a success with these tips.

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Bank fees still on the rise


Fees for out-of-network ATMs, overdrafts escalating as credit unions shine.

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Robert F. Travis not forgotten at base named in his honor


Credit union later chartered at Travis Air Force Base

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Credit unions boost their mortgage game


Community-based financial institutions up their share of mortgage market by over 6 percent within last 10 years.

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Dream home comes with improbable beginning


As these Travis members would discover, the first night in their new home also came with an unexpected surprise.

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Travis Credit Union introduces Financial Wellness Blog


Northern California credit union rolls out new tool to help aid member’s financial lives.

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Latest features in vehicles


Technology has placed "premium" options like CD players and power locks/windows in the back seat.

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Types of loan programs for buying a home


Paying your mortgage successfully starts before you close the deal and get the keys.

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Do you have a member story you want to share?


We'll be sharing stories brought to you, our members, about how Travis has helped you in your financial lives!

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Time for a home upgrade


First-time home buyers often aim to purchase a home that’s known as a “starter”, whether that’s an older fixer-upper or a condo.

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Americans are still not splurging


As the economy improved dramatically in the second half of 2014, retailers across the country were hoping that Americans would finally open their wallets wide and spend like crazy during the holiday season. There was an increase in spending by only by a modest amount.

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How to get a car loan after a divorce


Getting a divorce can drastically impact your credit. Not only does does it affect your credit score can affect you just as you’re trying to rebuild your life. You may find it more difficult to qualify for the credit you need to buy home, or even a new car.

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