Start planning your summer getaway home now

Planning a vacation home for your summer getaway doesn’t have to stressful. Here are some things to consider before booking your rental:

Start early

The best way to secure a fair price for your home is to start your search early. Many vacation rentals, especially the good ones, book up quickly. Experts recommend researching and planning for your home at least six months in advance, depending on location. Allotting yourself this time will help you thoroughly research multiple destinations and compare prices. Visit reputable websites that specialize in vacation rentals and consult with the local real estate agents. Starting your search early will better your chances of landing your desired summer home at the best price point.

Read the whole contract

So you’ve landed your dream summer home, what’s next? You may be tempted to kick start your holiday itinerary, but try not to go into full vacation mode just yet. You still need to examine the lease and run through the document with a fine-tooth comb. Vacation rentals come with certain risks so be sure to scrutinize the rental agreement to protect yourself from any legalities. Make sure it’s clear who will be covering the costs for internet, cable, air conditioning and other basic utilities. Reading and understanding your rental agreement will also let you know which items you should be providing, like an outdoor grill or lawn chairs.

Do a walk through

Just like any other rental, you want to inspect the premises before signing on the dotted line. Thoroughly check the condition of the property, take timestamped photos and bring up any questions or concerns to the landlord. Some important things to ask could be regarding housekeeping, cleaning service charges and emergency contact information in the case an unlikely event occurs.

Be sure to factor in any up-front costs into your budget. Some seasonal rentals may require a security deposit. At Travis Credit Union, our Target Savings Accounts are a great option to help you reach your savings goals. Visit your local branch or call (800) 877-8328 during normal business hours to open an account today.

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