Planning for international travel

Planning an international getaway is an exciting opportunity. As peak travel season approaches, here are some simple tips that will prepare you for your trip abroad:

Choose your destination

Defining where you want to go isn’t always easy. If you’re still having trouble deciding, check out Forbes magazine’s ranking of 30 cheap places to travel in 2017 for some inspiration. Your choice of destination heavily depends on your personality and level of adventure. Take some time to research the culture and language barrier for each travel location and gauge it with your overall comfort zone. Most importantly, remember to prioritize your safety when traveling beyond American borders. Visit the U.S. State Department’s website for travel alerts and warnings.

Research your costs

Depending on your destination, your travel accommodations and expenses will vary. Some tourists prefer a budget-friendly hostel while others rather stay at an all-inclusive resort. You might even consider online homestay apps that you can access on your smartphone, such as Airbnb and VRBO. Thoroughly researching costs of hotels, resorts and tours ahead of time will put you at a better price point.

Plan for the worse-case scenario

International travel can be overwhelming but it’s important to plan for the unexpected. Taking all safety precautions prior to departure will give you the most peace of mind while traveling. Before embarking, make photocopies of your passport, travel itinerary, emergency contacts, medical and credit cards. Store these documents somewhere safe to protect you in the case any of your belongings are stolen. If you’ve already booked your dates of travel, notify your financial institution so they can place a travel notice on your account to avoid any suspicious activity alerts. Read more tips on how to protect you and your finances while traveling.

Every trip requires a lot of planning, and if you decide to travel internationally, it will require a great deal of saving. Let Travis Credit Union help you save for your next international adventure. Stop by your local branch and open a Target Savings Account. For more information about our savings accounts and other financial products, visit

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