Valentine’s Day gifts on a budget

As much as you would like to take your sweetheart out for a romantic dinner topped off with a gift to boot, it’s not something everyone can afford, especially for a dinner for two which can run into the hundreds of dollars. Here’s a few things you can do instead of forking over cash to someone for a Valentine’s Day celebration.

Create something

Are you crafty or good with your hands? Was woodshop one of your favorite classes in high school? Head to the hardware store to create a Valentine’s gift she’ll never forget. And it also gives you a solid reason to pull out your power tool and have some fun. That’s a win-win all around.

Write something

Were you the friend that everyone approached when an essay or research paper needed proofreading? These friends probably noticed your writing skills and made it a point to have you review their homework before they were turned in. Drop deep your writing well and create a poem about your Valentine that comes straight from the heart. Think you can’t do it? Just remember all the good times you’ve had together and condense those experiences and feelings into short lines that rhyme.

Cook something

Just because you can’t go out to a restaurant for dinner doesn’t mean you can’t cook for two to get the same meal. Every premium cut of steak you can think of is available – filet mignon, New York strip, etc. Of course, you don’t have to go with steak – prepare dishes that he or she prefer and that you know how to do well.

Spend more time together

Couples usually have separate work lives and may spend time with different groups of friends. To make February even more special, try spending days where you don’t leave each other’s side, whether it’s at home, working out, going for a walk or shopping.

Disregard Valentine’s Day

Although there is a historical reason for Valentine’s Day, if you show your partner love 24 hours a day, 7 day per week, Valentine’s Day becomes just another day on the calendar.

Start saving today

To make next Valentine’s Day even more special, open a Target Savings account at Travis Credit Union and start putting aside money each payday. The more you can regularly save, the more opportunity you’ll have to make Valentine’s Day 2017 that much more special. Visit a branch or call (800) 877-8328 to open a checking or savings account.

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