Make sure your FAFSA application is filed sooner than later

Financial aid is an essential part of the college-bound process for many high school seniors and lower-level college students. Making sure the funds are in place for your education are a crucial key to the process. Without the cash, you can’t enroll in the classes needed to earn your degree.

A big part of receiving a financial aid award is filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid before the federal and state deadlines. For California, the state deadline is March 2, 2016 while the federal deadline in California is June 30, 2016. For more information on which states have which deadlines, visit the FAFSA website.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you fill out your FAFSA this winter:

Don’t under- or over-estimate your tax info

Do you have a general idea of what you made this year, if you had a job? If you don’t have access to your pay statement before you have to send in your FAFSA, look at your last pay statement from 2015 and take an educated guess as to what your income was last year. Do not leave it blank. That will only delay the processing of your application and raise questions. If you didn’t work last year, then you most likely didn’t earn any money. You answer would be “0.”

Double check your parent’s info

Filing out your parent’s portion of the FAFSA requires an equal amount of attention to their finances as well as yours. All the same rules apply to them that apply to you. Do not disregard obtaining the needed financial information from them. Make it a priority to have them sit next to you as you fill out the application and ask them for help with something if you don’t understand it. This is not an application where you should assume any answers.

Look through the application before sending it

Take a final look at all the information you provided. Make sure it’s accurate as possible when you submit it. Any missing information or inaccuracies may delay the processing of your application.

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