Five things to buy your Valentine

What type of Valentine gift-buyer are you: the guy who plans out his gift way in advance or the one who’s at Safeway at 10 p.m. Feb. 13 scrounging for a bouquet of beat-up flowers and a card?

However romantic you consider yourself, there are always gift options no matter the place or time you’re at on Feb. 14. Here are some things to consider:


No, not the flowers we discussed at the beginning of this blog post but an exquisite bouquet of flowers from a nice florist, ordered in ample time to be delivered at her workplace/home on Feb. 14. This will show your thoughtfulness because you planned ahead.


This is another Valentine’s Day staple. The chocolate industry banks on the well-known aphrodisiac to reap in sales each year. According to USA Today and, Richard Cadbury is widely known as the first person to produce chocolates in heart-shaped boxes in the 1860s. The competition is a little steeper these days, as 1,187 manufacturers produced chocolate and cocoa products in 2013, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.


The locket you saw in the mall the other day would like nice on your wife. Or maybe the ring you saw on a television commercial caught your eye. Jewelry is another staple for Valentine’s Day and there are plenty of options for buyers. The Census Bureau says that there were 23,096 jewelry stores in the U.S. in 2013. The jewelry sold in these stores could have been made at one of 2,134 jewelry and silverware manufacturing establishments in the U.S.


In the San Francisco Bay Area, the House of Prime Rib, Morimoto’s or Morton’s are just a few examples of places to take your sweetheart on this special night. Of course, those places might require a drive or a night’s stay in San Francisco or Napa, but who would want to drive after enjoying a dinner like that? Take your Valentine’s Day to the next level by extending the stay for breakfast on Feb. 15. Don’t forget to make those all-important reservations, wherever you dine.

A gift for men – electronics

Does your husband need a new laptop? What about video games? Is he looking for the next version of Call of Duty? If he’s a techie, visit an electronics store to see if you can surprise him with the latest electronic item.

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