Twice as Nice. Double the points in December with MyTravis Rewards!

Travis Credit Union members are discovering the benefits of credit card rewards with the recently launched MyTravis Rewards available with our TCU Platinum Visa.® Credit cards that offer rewards can help you stretch your budget and when used properly, can pay you for spending money.

The rewards

During the month of December, instead of earning 1.5 points for every dollar you spend with MyTravis Rewards, you will earn three points. The benefit of a rewards program becomes clear quickly with double points.

With MyTravis Rewards, there aren’t tight restrictions on what you can earn points for or how to redeem them. The selection of rewards include merchandise, gift cards, green products, charitable donations and cash back. Rewards can also be used for experiences such as spa adventures and travel, with convenient online travel reservations with no blackout dates.

Other savings

A credit card rewards program offers little benefit if there are high fees and high interest rates. Steer away from these programs and find one that actually rewards you. At Travis, our Platinum Visa credit card comes with a low 5.99% introductory rate for 12 months, for those who qualify, to help you make the most of the rewards that you earn with the optional MyTravis Rewards. If you pay off your balance in full every month, you’ll pay no interest. In that scenario, when you cash in your rewards points, you are getting paid to spend money.

Member benefits

There are several benefits that come with our Platinum Visa credit card. Cardholders enjoy free online account access 24 hours a day, including up-to-date transaction history, balance inquiries and invoice payment options. Your card can also be linked to your TCU checking account, providing an extra layer of protection against overdraft mishaps. Other features include, common carrier accident insurance, auto rental insurance, acceptance at millions of locations worldwide, and cash advances through Call-24 Phone Banking, Online Banking, financial institutions and ATMs.

We offer quick approvals and easy online applications. Travis is proud of its personalized member service, where you are more than just an account number.

And when you add the optional MyTravis Rewards to your Travis Platinum Visa for a small annual fee, you can start the holiday season out right, earning double points with every dollar you spend.*

Check rates and apply online today at, call us at (800) 877-8328 or visit a local branch.

MyTravis Rewards Platinum Visa

Hurry, offer ends December 31, 2017!


*MyTravis Rewards is available to members who open a Travis Credit Union Platinum Visa credit card account. The Annual Rewards fee will be waived for those Visa card holders who opt out of the rewards program. If you opt out of the rewards program you may opt back in later, a $25.00 annual rewards fee will apply. Please allow 2–3 business days for enrollment to take effect.