What makes workers happy?

What are the top drivers of workplace happiness? Staffing firm Robert Half recently asked this question to 12,000 U.S. and Canadian workers for a new report. According to the study, happiness at work is something nearly everyone wants, but varies by an employee's age, gender and field, among other factors. Here are some of the findings:

Most professionals are generally happy.

On a happiness scale of 0 – 100, those surveyed scored a 71.

The power of pride.

Having pride in one's organization is the number one driver of happiness overall for respondents. Those who feel proud of their organization are three times more likely to be happier than those who are not.

Respect and appreciation go a long way.

The second and third top factors driving happiness are feeling appreciated, and being treated with fairness and respect.

Small business employees are happier.

People working in firms with 10 or fewer employees have the highest happiness levels. Organizations with 10,000 or more employees report the lowest.

What lessons should businesses learn from this? Clearly, people like to feel proud of the organization they work for and feel that they make a difference. Fostering these qualities in the workplace builds happiness, productivity and loyalty.

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