Keep safety in mind when banking online

As the internet evolves and more people around the world gain easy access to it, the risk of a cybercriminal gaining access to your information also increases. Here are a few things you can do to help protect your personal information while accessing your banking information online.

Create a complex password

You don’t want a log-in password that’s simple to remember. For instance, an uncomplicated password like “password123” – void of any special characters, symbols or capital letters – is easy for a fraudster to figure out. Here are a few examples on how you can strengthen it:


NEVER save your log-in information in your web browser

Storing/saving your log-in information in your web browser is perhaps the worst thing you can do. By making something convenient for yourself, you’re also making it easy for the criminal or hacker who is looking to access your banking information. It’s like having a package delivered to your front porch while you aren’t home. If criminals see an easy way to get your property, they’ll take it.

Secure your smartphone

When logging in from your mobile device to access your banking information, never have an app “remember” your user ID for later. Always enter your log-in information manually. In addition, if an Online Banking app offers Touch ID to access your platform, you should consider taking advantage of using your thumbprint as a way of logging in. If your phone offers a six-digit password, enable it.

You can now access Travis Credit Union’s Mobile Banking app using Touch ID on your Apple iOS device! Visit our website to find out how you can access this.

Touch ID