Improving academic performance

Developing good study habits at a young age will be beneficial as your child continues their academic career. Here are some ways your child can succeed as a student.

Stop procrastinating

It’s a tough habit to break but it will be highly effective. Oftentimes we put off unwanted tasks to the last minute, schoolwork included. Unfortunately this only worsens the task as the due date gets closer and closer. Try eliminating the distractions that hinder your child’s study time. Of course this is easier said than done. If your child suffers from chronic distractions online, it’s time to practice SelfControl. This free app allows you to temporarily block your own access to distracting websites and mail servers.

Practice test-taking strategies

It’s very common for students to underperform on exams. This could be due to stress and feeling unprepared. Research different study and test-taking strategies and find out what works best for your child. These strategies will be come into play in high school and college, where most, if not all, of the final grade is based on a few exams. Most importantly, be sure your child gets plenty of rest before the test, which means NO cramming the night before. Remember, study smarter and not harder.

Talk with your teachers

Building rapport with teachers will be incredibly beneficial for your child. Encourage them to communicate with their teachers regarding their academic performance and goals for improvement. Teachers know your child best and can tailor a plan that will help them succeed in that class.

Good study habits will set your child on a good path through their academic journey. The thought of college may be in the distant future, but financial planning shouldn’t be.

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