Beware of ATM security risks

ATM machines are convenient but present a number of security risks. With the proper precautions, you can ensure you and your funds are safe. Here are ways you can avoid becoming a victim.

Be aware of your surroundings

Always scope out the surrounding area of the machine before making your transaction. Try to use an ATM that is well-lit and in public view. If you have to use an ATM machine at night, have someone accompany you. Have your card, cash or envelopes prepared before walking up to a machine. Digging in your wallet or purse in front of an ATM can put you at a higher risk of a robbery. Keep your transactions quick and efficient.

Protect your PIN

Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) should be memorized and kept private. Never share the digits or write it on your card. Vary your PINs if you have multiple debit cards, so in case you lose your wallet, your accounts will be harder to crack. Be wary of strangers “shoulder surfing” as you make transactions. The easiest way to protect your PIN is to shield the pin pad whenever entering your information.

Monitor your bank statements

Following all precautions won’t always prevent ATM skimmers. This is a common crime in which thieves fasten a small device over the ATM’s factory installed card reader that captures the magnetic stripe on your card. This occurrence isn’t limited to ATM machines. Skimmers target retail stores, restaurants and gas station pin pads alike. If you notice any fraudulent activity on your card, report it to your bank immediately.

Travis Credit Union prioritizes the safety and security of our members. Beginning in 2017, Travis Credit Union will improve fraud protection and security with new chip-embedded technology. Visit our website to learn more about our new EMV chip cards.

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