Password creation is top identity protection priority

The first thing most people do when the wake up in the modern technological world is log-in to their smartphone. The first thing they do when they get to work is to log-in into their work computer. The first thing they do at the ATM is enter their PIN, or, another log-in for their banking information.

The world in 2015 is built around passwords

It becomes second nature when you enter them every day, and the biggest pet peeve is when you fail to remember one or have to unlock yourself from a work terminal. Here are a few ways you can create a password that will be hard for you to forget and tough for someone else to figure out.

Think of a name or set of numbers only you would think of

There are several ways to go about this. Avoid choosing a name or phrase that’s so closely tied to you that someone close to you could easily guess it. For instance, if you’re a sports fan, think of a team or phrase that’s close to a team you like, but maybe choose a player or team that isn’t so well enough known that his name could be easily guessed. Remember, capitalization matters when entering a password.

Pick a number that stands out in your mind

Do you have a favorite player? That’s something which could contribute to the creation of a password, though avoid using the player’s number. Maybe add a zero at the end.

Choose a symbol you’ll always know and stick to it

Maybe you prefer to enter a $ over an ampersand (&) or an asterisk instead of a number (#) sign. It’s one of these symbols that could throw off some trying to guess your password. Finding just that extra little thing to make your password stronger will help protect your accounts in the future.

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