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August 2015

How many people are using Mobile Banking?


More people are using smartphones for financial transactions more than ever.

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Laptops, mobile devices off back-to-school lists


More frugal shoppers mean less spending on big-ticket school items.

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How to safely navigate the Internet


That link looks cool, so I can click on it, right? Think again, as you may be exposing yourself to a world of hurt in cyberspace.

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Credit unions offer better rates, lower fees than banks


One financial institution’s goal is help its members achieve their financial goals, while the other is to cut a profit.

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Password creation is top identity protection priority


Having the right combination can help protect your personal information from thieves or hackers who attempt to guess or steal it.

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Parents can find guidance online


No matter if your child is age 5 or 15, help is available on the web for people raising children at any age.

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How mobile banking can simplify your life


The days of tracking every expense in a checkbook have given way to checking balances and making deposits instantly.

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How did you get that interest rate?


There are a few reasons “that guy” received a 3 percent rate on his car loan while you can’t seem to figure why you were slapped with a 10 percent jaw dropper.

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Millennials can manage money properly with time, dedication


The transition from a life of living on “peanuts” in college to receiving a regular paycheck in the workforce can lead to a culture shock for new graduate.

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Dream home comes with improbable beginning


As these Travis members would discover, the first night in their new home also came with an unexpected surprise.

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Cal Grants can aid in cost of undergraduate education


Those who qualify can receive over $10,000 per year in aid.

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