Healthy eating on a family budget

Class is now in session!

For families, this means temperature drops, busier schedules and tighter budgets. While the back-to-school season can present a handful of expenses, there is no need to sacrifice a healthy diet for you and your family.

Here are a few ways to cut back on costs while still serving up something healthy and delicious.

Meal prep

The concept of meal prepping is often associated with weight loss and calorie counting, when in reality, this weekly preparation is a great option for feeding a family. Planning your family’s meals will save you time and money.

Keep in mind it might take some time to figure out the best system for buying, cooking and storing the right amount of meals based on your family’s budget and appetite. To get started, purchase a quality set of storage containers to help keep your meals organized. Knowing that you’re prepared for the week will eliminate those unhealthy (and costly) impromptu trips to the drive-thru window.

Organic, or not?

Organic is an enticing word we love to hear when referring to our grocery haul. While we strive to fill our carts with items free of synthetic additives, our wallets can’t always sustain this luxury. Fortunately, there are levels of pesticide residues among your everyday produce that can guide your shopping. The Environmental Working Group has provided a guide to help shoppers prioritize their organic purchases based on contamination levels – potentially saving you money on preferred produce.

Buy bulk where you need it

Depending on you and your family’s needs, buying in bulk is a great way to save on those frequently purchased items. Popular bulk grocery items include meats, grains, eggs, paper towels, etc. While most of these items come with an ample shelf life, not all of them do. If you’re worried about your large quantity of groceries going bad, store them in the freezer! Depending on the item, this is a safe and easy way to extend the shelf life of your groceries and minimize food waste. So stock up now and save money for later!

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