Summer heat bring higher energy expenses

Remain calm, cool down and enjoy your summer more. That’s great advice – unless you’re the one paying for the air conditioning.

After all, having a cool, air-conditioned home is soothing and refreshing but getting a $500 electric bill will likely mean that comfort comes with a price. Fortunately, there are ways to stay cool and save money.

Here are some tips to keep the house and energy bill cool.

Keep the thermostat at 78 Degrees

Is the temperature in the low 90s? Living in Northern California leads to many natural cooling benefits not available elsewhere in the U.S. Chances are it’ll cool down to a reasonable temperature outdoors as the sun goes down. Open your windows to let take advantage of nature’s air conditioning. Set your home’s thermostat to 78 degrees.

Start cooling early in the day

If you know that triple-digit heat will arrive in the afternoon, start the cooling process in the morning before State of California mandated Flex Alerts go into effect on hot afternoons. Keeping the house cool early will keep it cool later.

Close the blinds

Don’t let the light in if you don’t have to. The sun’s natural heat can increase the temperature of an indoor setting within a few minutes. Keep the binds close from sunrise on if you want to keep the heat out.

Shutoff vents in rooms that don’t need AC

Is it the weekend and you know you won’t be in your office? Then shut the vents off in that room and keep the rest of the cool air for the rest of the house. Don’t waste cool air in spaces that won’t have any people in them.

And perhaps the most obvious tip: If you know you won’t be home at home all day and you don’t have any pets, keep your AC off.

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