Chaotic back-to-school shopping time returns

August is generally known as the beginning of the school year. For some students, this may be the beginning of a long fall, winter and spring. For others, such as teachers, it’s a return to work. For parents, it’s time for back-to-school shopping. Here’s some things to keep in mind when perusing that school supply list.

Start early

If you get the basics early – notebooks, pens, pencils, binders, folders, etc.-- you’ll have the most selection and won’t have to pick from what’s left in the bins and shelves the week school starts.


There was a time where electronics were banned in classrooms. Now, they’re embraced. Depending on your school, your child may want or need an electronic tablet. The goal wouldn’t be to hand a child a tablet and tell them to run wild. Instead, the teacher may have them work with an application that can grow their skills as they advance through the K-12 grades and then to college.

Graphic calculators

High school students need this type of calculator for Algebra and higher math courses. These calculators range from $40 to $250, depending on the brand, quality and features of the device. Online sites such as Amazon and eBay are good places to start searching for a good deal.

Textbooks – if you’re in college

Check with your professors before the semester starts to get a list of textbooks that you’ll need. Most instructors will have their list of required materials for their course. This should give you time to have them either purchased or rented by the time class starts.

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