Spending Your Rainy Day Savings on Travel?

The following travel tips can help you enjoy your trip and keep your cards safe:


Know your limits

Especially when traveling abroad, make sure you know how much you can pull from an ATM each day and the fees associated with the withdraw.


Don’t stash all your money in one bucket

Keep cards and cash in a separate places – that way you lower the risk of losing everything.


Don’t be a victim of pickpocketing

In crowded areas, hold your wallet and bags close to your body. Consider using a money belt for added security.


Lock it up

If provided, use safety deposit boxes or room safes in hotels to keep your valuable items and personal information safe.


Plastic is better than cash

If you do lose your card, or if you were pickpocketed, you can call and cancel the card immediately. Cash doesn’t have that option.


Double check receipts

When you pay with a card, always check the information on the sales receipt. You are liable for the amount written in the box labeled “Total”, so make sure it is correctly filled in before you sign.


Record your account and customer service numbers

The sooner a stolen credit card is reported, the better. Of course, it’s difficult to report a card stolen if you don’t have access to your account information or the number to call. Make sure you are signed up for Online Banking to get this information, or make copies of your card and leave it in the hotel safety deposit box or with a friend.


Avoid secluded ATMs

Remember, you probably don’t know the area. Practice safe travel. Plan your ATM visits wisely. Go in daylight and pick ATMs that aren’t visible from the street, bring a friend and if you can take advantage of drive up ATMs.

Remember to let us know before you travel out-of-state or out of the country. We will be more than happy to place a travel notice on your account specifying your destination and travel dates so your card activity doesn’t appear suspicious or unusual. This will help you avoid any disruption or denial of service when you attempt to make a transaction on your TCU account.

Call our Member Service Center at (800) 877-8328 to ensure peace of mind while traveling.

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