Summer school can be beneficial despite drawbacks

A college student can feel like he or she has escaped from lockdown the moment the spring term ends. They’re liberated for a few weeks or months until the fall term arrives, unless summer school lies ahead. While classmates are out having fun, summer school students will be listening to a professor teach something rather quickly and intensely. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of summer school.

Advantage: you (might) graduate faster

If you take two summer courses, that may count for about six units. That’ll be two extra classes you don’t need to take in the longer spring and fall terms. This will leave more space in your full-term schedule for electives and required classes. If you take two classes each summer for your first two years, you might be looking at a lighter schedule your senior year.

Disadvantage: classes come faster and take longer daily

It’s a quick term. You’ll likely be in class – again, this is hypothetical – at least four days per week for a minimum of two hours per day. Your class hours will vary, but be prepared to spend a significant amount of time studying. Again, the trade-off is you’ll likely be setting yourself on a path to graduate sooner.

Advantage: course material may be more direct

These classes will often get straight to the point. You’ll learn the major points about the subject and the majority of your grade will likely come from tests and a report.

Disadvantage: fast-paced course not always easy

A high-speed course means high-speed instruction. A professor will talk through things once but you may have to visit your instructor during office hours if you need further help. This isn’t any different than what you might experience during a regular term, but keep in mind that cramming material can lead to many more office visits than usual.

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