Help your teen prepare for a summer job search

Don’t wait until summer break

With AP testing, final exams and end-of-the-school-year activities, a summer job might be the least of your child’s priorities. If your teen is planning on finishing out the school year and starting his or her job search after handing in that last final, think again. According to survey by SnagAJob, 74 percent of summer jobs will be filled by the end of May. This means that applications have been submitted and reviewed before Memorial Day weekend. If you’re determined to landing a summer job, it’s time to actively search for listings and apply now!

Build the resume

Create a resume to prepare your teen for the working world. As a teen, working experience is often limited but don’t get discouraged. This is an opportunity to help your child examine their relevant skills and apply them to the prospective job. Include extracurricular activities, volunteer work, leadership experience and any odd jobs that reflect responsibility and work ethic.

Interview practice

A bit of company research and rehearsal can help your teen nail the interview. Help your child prepare for the interview process by running through practice questions and the basic interview do’s and don’ts. According to SnagAJob, the top two qualities employers look for in a summer hire is a positive attitude and schedule flexibility. If you show your enthusiasm and dedication to the company, then you are on your way to becoming a qualified candidate.


A summer job can earn your teen to earn a bit of spending money, but volunteering can be just as rewarding. Encourage your teen to use their free time to help out in the community. This is an opportunity for your teen to develop communication skills, practice strong work ethic, build a professional network and most importantly – help others. Reach out to local organizations to see whose seeking volunteers.

By applying themselves during summer break, your child is likely to impress college admission officers and future employers. Now it’s time to do your part by helping finance their college expenses. Travis Credit Union can help! Open a Coverdell Educational Savings Account and start investing in your child’s future education today.

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