Go green on your energy bill with these tips

How can you be more energy efficient? It starts with not using more than a necessary amount of it, and conserving when you don’t need to use it. Here are some tips to help save money on your next energy bill.

Turn off unnecessary lights

This is a really basic tip that almost anyone can follow. You aren’t in every room all the time. Besides illumination of a main hallway, you don’t need to keep all the lights or even multiple lights on in individual rooms. Once you exit, flip the switch off.

Simple enough, no? If you think you don’t leave more than enough lights on, conduct a simple random test over 2-3 weeks. Set a reminder for a certain time in the evening (without reminders in the days or hours leading to the test) and see how many lights are on in rooms where you aren’t currently in. Are there lights on in more than the room that you’re in at the moment? Start regularly keeping the lights off in those rooms and see if there’s noticeable difference in your power bill next month.

Only use HVAC when absolutely necessary

Temperatures dipping into the low 40s in the winter or high 90s in the summer? Wear light clothing around the house during the warmer times of the year to leave the thermostat a little higher than normal. During the winter, focus on wearing a little heavier clothing to keep the thermostat cooler. Both methods, in addition to opening doors and windows in the summer and closing them tightly in the winter, will help keep your inside atmosphere at a comfortable temperature.

Switch to solar

Solar energy is 100 percent environmentally friendly. Solar panels sit either on top of your home or on your property collecting sunlight to turn into energy to power your home’s electricity. You can also supply energy to other homes, resulting in a credit on your power bills, or you can store some in batteries for use later. Creating your own energy without siphoning from the main power grid will leave a greener footprint on the environment.

Ready to make the switch to solar? Travis Credit Union offers Energy Loans to members in its service areas looking to take the next step in leaving a green energy footprint. Visit our website, stop by a branch or contact our Member Service Center at (800) 877-8328 for more information.

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