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Save money, save time

In a world moving at a constant and sometimes exhaustive pace, we can always find solace around the dinner table when it’s shared with people we love. In any gathering, food is almost always at the center of the event. With the right menu and atmosphere, memories are made, laughter is shared and we’re reminded that the finer things are sitting right in front in us. The question is, “Do I dine-in or out?”

We’re going out

According to Bloomberg, people in the U.S. are spending more money dining out than buying groceries for varying reasons. Some people are simply spread too thin – there’s little time to grocery shop, much less time to prepare an impressive meal for guests after working a long week, taking care of kids and community involvement. Still, others prefer the convenience and delight of someone else cooking for them. Whatever the reason, a meal out on the town adds up quickly when you factor in parking, beverages, appetizers, meals and dessert. Layer a 15-20 percent tip on top of all that, and you’ve racked up quite a tab.

Buyer’s remorse

When it’s all said and done, was it worth it? Was the atmosphere conducive to meaningful conversation? Were you able to linger awhile or were you rushed? Will this expensive night out on the town become a treasured memory or simply another meal? These are the types of questions that are the driving force behind a new catering trend that provides chef inspired meals to your home for an amazing dine-in experience.

Erica Serface is the proud Chef and Owner of Erica Marie’s Catering. She turned to Travis a number of years ago for both her personal and business accounts. She offers high-end Dinners to Go, featuring freshly prepared and creative meals. She told us that she’s seen it bring friends, family and neighbors together because you can host an amazing dinner party without the stress, cost and interruptions that are typical when you dine out. Erica said it’s even been popular for hosting a girls’ night out and also had an opportunity to help lighten the load of a client going through chemo treatment with her services.

Erica is devoted to giving back to the community. Each week, she donates one meal to a single mom trying to make ends meet through a charitable program called “Baskets of Love.” It’s an act of kindness that demonstrates a pillar of the credit union movement – “People Helping People.”

Intimate with a personal touch

For a meal that feeds up to 4 adults, Dinners to Go range in price from $40-$60 and include a fresh, creative salad, main entrée, handcrafted bread and delicious dessert. Exciting new menus are created each week. Here’s what a typical dinner to go includes. Warning: the menu you’re about to see may cause serious hunger pains!

Menu – Erica Marie's Catering

Signature dry-rubbed, grill smoked tri tip with roasted tomatoes and parsley sauce

Creamy smashed potatoes

Roasted vegetable medley with zucchini, mushrooms and bell peppers

Mixed greens garden salad with pears, caramelized onions, sesame sticks and citrus poppy seed dressing

Handcrafted rosemary focaccia bread

Mini lemon meringue pies

Only two questions remain – how do I sign-up? And, do I really have to tell my guests it was catered?

You can learn more about Erica Marie’s Catering by visiting her website at or like her Facebook page,


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