Summer work helps put a foot forward

For high school and college students, summertime can be a refreshing break from a grind of studies during the spring and fall months. Or, it can see a doubling-down of course work with a summer class or two.

Those who choose to work often have a bevy of options in their home or college towns to make extra cash during the summer months. Here are few positions to consider applying for in the month or two leading up to vacation:

Restaurant jobs

The restaurant industry has several entry-level positions that students can use for job experience as well as a summer paycheck. These range from dishwasher (it still pays) and line cook to hostess or waitress. Working in a restaurant also helps build customer service skills that you can take with you throughout your working career.

Newspaper sales/delivery

Yes, newspaper delivery jobs still exist in some towns and cities around the country. Not all newspapers have given up on selling or producing broadsheets. While production and circulation may not be as high today as it was during the industry’s heyday, there are still many people who love reading the morning paper.


Applying for and receiving an internship can be a complicated process but a rewarding one, too. A paid or unpaid internship can lead to career opportunities, both foreseen and unseen. The contacts that you make during your internship can become valuable references, and sometimes even mentors, as you develop your career.

Remember to research a company before accepting its internship. Check out to look into the background of a company.

Mowing lawns

This is a simple job – and if you’re in a drought-stricken state, this position might not be an option – but you can earn decent money cutting lawns. An Angie’s List article lists professionals who say their lawn-cutting service range from $35-$50. Figure you charge $20-30, and you cut 5 lawns, that’s a $100 day.

Travis Credit Union offers internships for college students in the summer. Apply by visiting the Careers Page of our website.

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