Summer volunteer work has its benefits

There are several ways to boost your college application and/or job resume on top of just having a great grade point average or years of work experience. One of those ways is by volunteering your time to a charitable organization. Here’s how volunteering can get your application to the top of the stack and how to decide on a good volunteering opportunity.

Volunteering catches recruiter’s eyes

Donating your time to a noteworthy cause may not seem valuable to you. You may be thinking “I should be compensated for all the work that I do.” But volunteering shouldn’t be about the cost of your time to the organization as opposed to the benefit to your career and to just lending a helping hand. When you donate your time to a good cause, you are not being coerced to show up to be compensated. You are performing work because you want to help a non-profit and demonstrating your character as a person.

Shows commitment outside of work

Anyone can work for a paycheck but it takes a certain person to donate their time for no compensation. The amount of hours you volunteer will vary by your needs as well as the charity you’re with. It may be n 10-15 hours per week or less. Or, it could be a full 40-hour week. The level of commitment is all up to you.

However, don’t volunteer just to “volunteer”

There are plenty of opportunities to contribute to a non-profit organization so explore your options to find the right one. Start looking for opportunities, apply or inquire about each, see who gets in touch with you before jumping at the first volunteer job. Sometimes the first opportunity turns out to be the only one, too. But unlike a job, you don’t need to feel compelled to accept it. It’s your time. Use it to volunteer where you determine it most fits.

Find out how you can volunteer for events in your area by visiting the California Volunteers website.

California Volunteers