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April 2016

Remember when auto insurance was cheap?


First insurance premium ever cost pennies compared to today’s rates.

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Here’s how to not get your college acceptance rejected


Just because you’ve received an acceptance letter doesn’t mean you can stop attending class.

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Summer work helps put a foot forward


In addition to being paid, summertime work can build connections for the future.

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Low gas prices dip into Consumer Price Index over winter


With summer approaching, it is unlikely that the small dip will continue.

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Summer volunteer work has its benefits


Offer your time to a non-profit organization; put it on a resume for future use.

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Here are six spring-time home improvement projects to think about


As the weather warms up, so do the tools and enthusiasm to fix up things.

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Consumers still buying new cars


Auto sales increase, along with the costs.

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Find out which home financing option is best for you


You don’t always have to front the standard 20-percent down on a mortgage.

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Survey says Americans still balancing savings and credit card debt


Millennials tend to have lower debt, higher savings than other generations.

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Ride-sharing hasn't chipped into car sales – yet


Sharing a vehicle may be cheaper but it isn’t always convenient.

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Home sales increase during winter


January 2016 sees six-month high.

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More proof that credit unions beat banks


Credit unions charge less fees than banks for checking accounts.

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