Tips to keep your mobile device secure

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are the mainstay in how we communicate today in this ever-changing digital world. Because these devices can gather a lot of your personal and financial information, there are risks if your smartphone is lost or stolen.

Here are some tips that you can use to ensure your mobile devices are secure.

Use passcodes

Because smartphones are mobiles means they can be misplaced or stolen. Once lost, anyone can recover your phone’s private information, emails, text messages, contact lists and images. Your first line of defense is to create a hard-to-guess password. You may also want to activate any features that automatically erase your data after several incorrect password attempts.

Update your device

Hackers are always searching for new vulnerabilities in mobile devices. Just as you would do with your computer, updating the software on your smartphone can improve security on your device. Ensure your smartphone or tablet is running the latest operating system or latest update available.

Use Mobile Apps wisely

Mobile apps are small programs that add a great deal of power and new functionality to mobile devices. Only install the apps that you absolutely need and trust. Never download apps from websites you have never heard of. Also, never install apps sent by text messages because these may be malicious attempts to get you to install bad apps.

Be Bluetooth savvy

Bluetooth allows your mobile devices to wirelessly communicate with other devices such as your headphones or your computer. Because Bluetooth signals can be picked up by any device, you should be careful of when and how you use it. Be sure to turn on Bluetooth only when you need it and ensure your device is configured not to be discoverable by other devices looking for potential Bluetooth connections. This will help prevent unknown connections to your device, especially in public places such as airports, hotels and restaurants.

Dispose of your device properly

As you update your technology, be sure you delete all of your information on your old device before you sell, dispose or gift it. Smartphones usually have a function that lets you restore the phone to its original factory setting, erasing all data, pictures and information.

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