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Your Goals

Tips and steps you can take on your financial journey

When you change jobs, what happens to your retirement plan?


It’s not unusual to change jobs multiple times in a career.

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2019 Retirement Trends to Watch


In-plan spending strategies becoming more important

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Why women need to save more than men


Because of longer life expectancies, women need to have significantly more in retirement savings than men.

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Home Improvement One-Upmanship


Jealousy could be the mother of home improvement projects.

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Planning your finances after tying the knot


Life after the top tier is in the freezer and how you both will pay for it.

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Learn tax refund savings strategies


Savings Plans taught during Military Saves Week could work for you too.

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Come Home With Travis


Make 2018 the year You become a homeowner!

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Healthy habits for the New Year


2018 is your time to shine.

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5 Ways to Stay Financially Fit in 2018


Make a resolution you can keep this year. Start saving with Travis.

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Is this the season to buy a new car?


The holidays may be the best time to get a great deal on a new car.

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Auto refinance can help you save this holiday season


Tackle your holiday to-do list with a payment deferral and extra cash!

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Are you ready to start investing for your future?


Developing an investment strategy can put you on track to achieving your financial goals.

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Here’s what you can do to help your child prepare for college admissions


As a parent, you play an important role in the application process, too.

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Have an auto loan? Thinking of refinancing?


Refinance = Smart Financial Decision = Better Living

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Get a head start on winterizing your home


Use home equity to prepare your home for the colder months.

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How to protect yourself from identity theft


Don’t fall victim to one of the most financially devastating crimes.

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Do you have enough money set aside for emergencies?


A new Bankrate survey sheds light on Americans’ saving habits.

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You’re in the driver’s seat when you refinance with Travis


Enjoy the financial flexibility that comes with lower monthly auto payments.

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Family fun while on a budget


Great ideas to have family fun at low or no cost.

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What a home refi can do for you


Refinance your home while the rates are still great.

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How to curb the craving to spend


Here are ways to spare your wallet and save some cash.

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Get your air conditioner ready for the summer


Don’t let your AC break down when you need it most.

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Save for the dream summer vacation


How to save for summer vacation.

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Tips for first-time homebuyers


It’s finally time to purchase a place of your own.

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Improve energy efficiency in your home


Go green and save money with an energy loan.

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Mortgage rates have remained in historically low range


Turn to Travis for a better mortgage – refinance today!

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Benefits of refinancing your home


A lower rate can reduce payments and improve your finances.

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How to save – and earn more – with your money


Earn more with your money with these options.

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Go green on your energy bill with these tips


Every light doesn’t need to stay on, nor does the AC have to be on 24/7.

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Stay safe during your home remodeling


Renovations on your home can pose many dangers.

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Help your teen prepare for a summer job search


Encourage your child to make the most of their summer break.

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Start budgeting for a summer vacation


Your summer destination doesn’t have to drain your wallet.

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Preparing for a home purchase


Becoming a homeowner is a big step – make sure you understand the process.

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Establishing a health savings account


Many Americans don’t understand the basics of a health savings account.

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Wrangle in credit card debt with the $20 rule


Limit credit card spending on purchases below a certain price point.

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Start planning your summer getaway home now


Here are some tips for renting a summer vacation home.

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Turn to Travis as your Primary Financial Institution


Let’s help you achieve your financial goals.

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Search for scholarships early in the New Year


Graduation may seem far away, but application deadlines are looming.

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File a FAFSA before March 2 deadline


The Free Application for Federal Student Aid can help offset college costs.

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Create a successful strategy to get out of debt


Think about interest rates, unnecessary spending when ranking debt in priority to repay.

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Get the most value out of your used vehicle


A good price for your trade-in can lead to a sweet new ride.

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Get fit in 2017 with these New Year's Resolutions


Create realistic health goals and resolutions which you can meet.

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Improve your finances for the New Year


Now is the time to get your bills in order and we can help.

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Improving academic performance


Learn how to help your child achieve in school.

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Maintaining your holiday budget


Stick to your spending cap this holiday season.

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Check out these home improvement projects as winter approaches


Work on the home to keep heating costs down as the temperatures drop.

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Steps to buying a home next summer


Purchasing a home can take months of planning before making that decision.

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Take advantage of all financial aid options


The price of a college education isn’t getting any cheaper.

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Rely on your local credit union to be your primary financial institution


As big banks fall under more scrutiny to due sales scandals, credit unions remain pillars among their communities.

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Start saving for the holidays


It’s not too early to start your holiday budget planning.

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Start college planning early


How to approach an educational savings plan.

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Is no down payment financing worth it?


Not having to front cash for a major purchase can be beneficial.

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Try MYINSIGHT with three easy steps


Process includes adding external accounts to the platform.

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How much car can you afford?


Don’t put the want before what’s feasible on a dealership lot.

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Over 50 million Americans are investing cash long-term


Despite financial experts’ thoughts, many continue regular deposits.

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Auto, home refinancing can lead to big savings


Trimming off even a few percentage points leads to long-term savings.

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Your "real money" income isn't getting better


Income adjusted for inflation remained stagnant in April and May.

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Don’t rely on Social Security alone for retirement income


Create a retirement plan that includes other savings strategies to help you keep the same lifestyle.

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New car sales dip in May


Compared to 2015, new car sales down more than five percent.

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Building retirement assets now matters later


Don’t approach your Golden Years wondering when you’ll be able to stop working.

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Here are six spring-time home improvement projects to think about


As the weather warms up, so do the tools and enthusiasm to fix up things.

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Study says most seniors not isolated or lonely


Helps debunk long-held thought that most are lonely.

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Americans lack emergency funds


Most would have to borrow money to cover an unexpected expense.

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Credit score improvement takes time, patience


Credit standing can evaporate quickly, and may take years to rebuild.

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Military Saves Week and the pledge to save


Find out how your family can reach its savings goal.

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How to start saving for tomorrow


Create a savings plan to anticipate the unexpected.

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Create wiggle room in your budget


A financial review will help identify your cash flow.

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How to start saving ahead for tomorrow


Create a savings plan to be prepared for rainy days.

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Important to start saving for your child's college fund now


Cost of attending four years of college currently near the six-figure range.

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Prepare for a home purchase next summer


Buying a home takes months of planning before you even sign on the dotted line.

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Why people buy cars in December


Luxury car sales are very good during the holidays because of promotions to clear year-end inventory.

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Maximizing the value of your trade-in


Find out how you can the most money for your current vehicle before you head to the dealership.

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Empty nest offers flexibility for parents


When the kids leave for college, your horizons get to expand.

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How to safely navigate the Internet


That link looks cool, so I can click on it, right? Think again, as you may be exposing yourself to a world of hurt in cyberspace.

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Parents can find guidance online


No matter if your child is age 5 or 15, help is available on the web for people raising children at any age.

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How did you get that interest rate?


There are a few reasons “that guy” received a 3 percent rate on his car loan while you can’t seem to figure why you were slapped with a 10 percent jaw dropper.

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Basic home purchase information


What are the main factors when it comes to choosing the right home to purchase?

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Rebuilding your credit – where to start


Re-earning a reputation as a reliable borrower isn't as difficult as it may appear.

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Establishing credit history


Building your reputation as a reliable borrower now can set up the success of your financial future later.

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Saving vs. Investing


The adage is always out there – “Save your money! Save, save, save!”

But is saving money the best option? Is stacking cash on top of cash the best way to manage your funds?

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Differences and similarities between 401(k) and IRAs


The avenues for retirement savings are similar, but vary when it comes to contribution and income limits.

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What most parents don't know about saving for college


About 70 percent of the respondents to a recent survey didn’t know what a 529 Plan was, or how it works as a college savings tool. Given the high cost of a college education and the daunting task of paying for it, this is a little alarming.

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Auto Loans: What to keep in mind


The truth is, it’s not. It’s far from that. It’s closer to excruciating at times. The thoughts race through your head, “Which car do I need? Which car do I want? Is this the right decision?”

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How refinancing your home saves you money


If you’re a homeowner looking for ways to save money, the first place to look is at your home mortgage. Depending on the interest rate on your existing loan, refinancing could lower your monthly payment and free up hundreds of dollars you could save or use to tackle other expenses.

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Smart savings: Refinance an auto loan


A big downside of purchasing a vehicle is actually paying for it each month. The worst part about that is paying the interest on the note, which can range from the low single digits to the mid-20s in terms of percentage.

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Benefits of starting a retirement fund early


The first long-term financial priority a recently-graduate college student usually thinks of once they finish is school is starting to pay off their student loans – albeit, this doesn’t apply to anyone with a degree.

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