Why you should join a chamber of commerce

Joining a chamber of commerce doesn’t mean you’re allowed to just fraternize with other local businesspeople at mixers – it also brings you to the forefront as a future business leader in your community.

In addition to becoming a presence among local business circles, there are various benefits to joining a chamber of commerce. Here are a few of them:

Local networking

Developing relationship with professionals that are in your area can help you when you’re in a pinch. For example, it can help you find additional help on a last-minute project. It may be more trustworthy to hire someone local whose work you’ve already seen than to find someone online whose work you can only judge online.

Becoming a point of reference

Getting to know the people who have influence in the area will make you a connected member of the business community. For instance, say a prominent position opens up at a company you’ve been trying to get into. If you know the person in charge of the department and they like your work, you may be one of the first people they call to encourage to apply for the open position.

Shows that you mean “business”

According to a recent Grasshopper.com article, a 2012 study from The Schapiro Group shows that 70 percent of consumers see local chamber membership as a sign that you use good business practices. Another 69 percent said it shows you have a good reputation and 63 percent said it shows you are involved in the community.

Chamber becomes a voice for you

Once you become a member, the chamber will be a proponent of your business in addition to advocating for you when needed. Chambers often fight to reduce business regulations and often do research on what’s going on in the community.

Interested in joining a chamber of commerce near you? Here are a few that may be in your local area: