Empty nest offers flexibility for parents

Empty nest benefits

When your kids leave home for college, one of the things that’s hard to ignore is the fact that you’ll have more time and personal space to yourself. As sad – or happy – as you and your partner may be about your empty nest (for at least a few years, anyway), here are some things to consider when your children move out.

Expenses decrease

With just yourself and/or your partner, the living expenses such as groceries and electricity will drop. You can put aside these savings toward a big purchase such as a recreational vehicle or use them to pay for a regular a night out to dinner. At any rate, your disposable income will increase, for a few years, at the minimum.

Room to expand

Depending on how you view things, you could say your children all but gave up their right to their rooms once they moved out. Sure, they might return and stay a few weekends to catch up and do the laundry, but you should be able to utilize the space for most of the time. Why not turn it into a den to watch the big game or convert it into a game room? Think about how you want to claim that space.

More time for you

Of course, you’ll be there for your children when they need you, but they won’t need you for everyday activities any more. The rides to practice are gone, so is driving them or picking them up from school. It’s time for you two to get back some time and do what you’ve set aside for the past two decades while raising your children. This could be weekend trips, longer getaways or just spending more uninterrupted quality time with your significant other. Whatever you do, the empty nest has its advantages.

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